WELL Certification

WELL certification is focused on human health and environment and all features are targeted towards human health. There is very god amount of synergy between WELL and LEED. WELL Certification requires documentation as well as a series of onsite performance tests known as Performance Verification prior to final certification review. WELL certification involves meeting mandatory 41 preconditions Features and selection from 61 optimization Features. We are currently targeting WELL certification at Gold level and this needs to meet all 41 Preconditions and 40% of 61 nos. optimization Features. Any project seeking WELL certification must meet all Preconditions and Optimization Features are Optional. If project meets all preconditions but cannot achieve any optimization feature then it will be considered as WELL Silver. In the event project achieves 80% Optimization Features then it will be declared WELL Platinum. As of now there is only one WELL Platinum Building in the world out of total 16 nos WELL certified buildings. Mr. Narayan Banerjee, Director, GST BEES is WELL AP. GST is providing WELL Certification Services to Zulekha Hospital, Sharjah.