Specialized Services

Specialized Services

We also offer an array of specialized services:

Energy Modeling: To carry out required Energy Modeling, applying the Energy Modeling Tools, Visual DOE, eQUEST, IES VE.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): CFD allows us to predict and look in detail the impact of fluid flows in built environments. This analysis can be used to optimize the design of HVAC System, Industrial Ventilation, Heat Island Effect and Indoor Air Quality to achieve better performance levels and comfort.

Daylight Study and Modeling: To carry out required lighting simulation, applying the Tools - Ecotect/Radiance.

Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) Services as required by Estidama, Abu Dhabi

M & V Plan: Measurement & Verification plan as per IPMVP.

Energy Savings: Energy Conservation and Management for Building and Industrial Facilities.


Carbon Footprint: CO2 /GHG Emission Study and reduction as per most widely used WRI/WBCSD Protocol focused consultancy services to manufacturing industries of building products on specific sustainability (LEED/Estidama/GSAS) credits requirements such as:

Recycled Content: Use of recycled material reduces energy consumption associated with virgin material extraction and processing.

Regional Material: Use of regional material reduces energy associated with transportation and promotes regional economic activities. Use of regional material will be assessed and quantified.

Use of Renewable Energy: Possibility of using any renewable energy in the manufacturing process such as bio-fuel, solar thermal and photovoltaic.

Carbon Footprint of Building Product: To benchmark environmental performance of building product by determining CO2 emission per Kg of product.

FSC Certification and LEED Compliance of Joinery Factory: To benchmark environmental performance of Joinery units in manufacturing process and FSC certification(COC).


Sustainable Design Guidelines and Microclimate analysis for urban design which include the following services:

Provide Sustainability Guidelines for the Urban/Community Development

Microclimate analysis involving Thermal Comfort Assessment, City Ventilation, Shading Study, Daylight and Energy Study, Air Quality Assessment (including CFD analysis) and Noise and vibration Analysis.

Solar Shading Analysis: To analyze the effect of solar shading across various months on the exterior spaces, like public spaces, walkways, priority spaces, within the development. Software: Ecotect, IES VE or equivalent.

Thermal Comfort Assessment: This would cover the micro climatic analysis for development  considering the local climatic & wind conditions which includes study of the City Ventilation, Air Quality Assessment to optimize the outdoor comfort. Tools: IES VE, CFD.