GSAS Consultancy Services

GSAS Consultancy Services

Environmental Benchmarking of Building Products with Sustainability Rating System such as LEED/ESTIDAMA/ GSAS

Energy Modeling, EA Credit 1: To carry out carry out required Energy Modeling, applying the Energy Modeling Tools, Visual DOE,eQUEST, IES VE, and providing the necessary sign-offs for submission.

Daylight Study and Modeling: To carry out required lighting simulation, applying the Tools, Ecotect/Radiance, and providing the necessary sign-offs for submission.

Commissioning Services by following ASHRAE ‘0’ , ASHRAE 1.1 standards.

M & V Plan: This includes Measurement & Verification Plan as per IPMVP

Energy Savings: Energy Conservation and Management for Building and Industrial Facilities.

Carbon Footprint: CO2 /GHG Emission Study and reduction as per most widely used WRI/WBCSD Protocols

We also provide ASHRAE Level 1 and 2 audit and retro commissioning.

Furthermore, we also provide focussed Consultancy Services to manufacturing industries for building products on specific sustainability ( LEED/Estidama/QSAS) credits requirements such as:

Recycled Contents : Use of recycled material reduces energy consumption associated with virgin material extraction and processing.

Regional Materials : Use of regional material reduces energy associated with transportation and promotes regional economic activities. Use of regional material will be assessed and quantified.

Renewable Energy Usage Reports : This includes reporting any possibility of using any renewable energy in manufacturing processes such as bio-fuel, solar thermal and photovoltaic.

Carbon Footprint of Building Product : To benchmark environmental performance of Building Product by determining CO2 emission per Kg of product