GST Group of Companies applied for SITMA Membership

GST Group already had ATTMA professionals and Membership. Now, England technology for Sound Testing will be available for MENA region. About SITMA (The Sound Insulation Testing and Measurement Association ) The ATTMA will shortly be running a sound insulation testing scheme to allow members to carry out sound insulation testing. The ATTMA has developed a Registered Testers Scheme that includes: Advanced software that takes data directly from the sound level meter or conversion software to create full reports. A unique Lodgement system that requires users to lodge in advance, giving ATTMA notification of user locations in advance. An audit system that consists of unannounced audit and desktop audits, which can be combined with air tightness testing. A scheme manager highly trained in Sound Insulation Testing to support its members, just like air tightness testing. An Independently run training course from the Institute of Acoustics.