GSAS Consultancy Services

GSAS Consultancy Services

Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) is the first performance-based system in the MENA region, developed for rating the green buildings and sustainable infrastructures. The primary objective of GSAS is to create a sustainable built environment, considering the specific needs and contexts of the region.

GSAS rates buildings based on the classification as Districts & Infrastructure, Commercial , Core + Shell, Mosques, Neighbourhood, Parks, Residential / Group Residential, Education, Hotels, Light Industry, Sports, Railways, Healthcare, Worker’s Accommodation , Existing Building, and Bespoke Schemes. The measurements, calculations, simulations, scoring ranges, and weights change accordingly for each building type and project phase.

GSAS comprises of eight categories like Urban Connectivity [UC], Site [S], Energy [E], Water [W], Materials [M], Indoor Environment [IE], Cultural & Economic Value [CE], Management & Operations [MO] with each category comprising of related criteria to help in measurement.

GSAS defines values to be achieved, to lower urbanization impacts on the environment and improve human well-being.

[UC] The building’s planning shall incorporate urban considerations

[S] The building’s development in relation to the existing site conditions shall be controlled.

[E] The building’s depletion of fossil energy over its service life shall be controlled.

[W] The building’s impact on the overall water resource shall be controlled.

[M] The impact of the building’s use of materials on the environment shall be controlled.

[IE] The building’s indoor environment shall be controlled.

[CE] The building’s cultural and economic value shall be maintained or enhanced.

[MO] The building’s management and operations plan shall be defined.


The certification levels range from 1 star to 6 stars with a maximum cumulative score of 3.


GSAS Design and Build Certification Management:

As a registered GSAS Design and Build service provider, GST services include comprehensive and complete GSAS Services. We will take all responsibilities right from project registration to attaining the targeted certification from GORD.

GSAS Design & Build certification process consists of two stages:

Stage 1: obtaining the Provisional Design & Build Certificate in the form of Letter of Conformance (LOC) following the design phase.

Stage 2: pursuing the Conformance to Design Audit (CDA) during the construction phase. The successful completion of Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the certification process will qualify the project to obtain the final GSAS Design & Build Certificate.


GSAS Construction Management

GSAS Construction Management scheme is used to assess processes and practices of contractors in projects of construction of buildings, mixed use developments and districts & infrastructure; irrespective of whether GSAS Design & Build certification is pursued by these projects or not. The scheme benefits from best practices employed by the construction industry taking into consideration the specific ecological and environmental context of the region..

Our scope includes:

  • Registering the project and assigning criteria to design team members, and the submission of documentation for Preliminary Review through GSAS GATE.

  • Coordinate with consultants to collect all the documents for Submission to GORD

  • Reviewing all the documents in line with the GSAS requirements.

  • Facilitate meeting, site audit, and coordination with consultant/client/GORD related to the certification

  • Managing the GSAS GATE throughout the certification process for the submissions.