Sustainability Guideline Services

Sustainability Guideline Services

The Company offers Sustainable Design Guidelines and Microclimate analysis for urban design, which include the following services : 

Provision of  Sustainability Guideline for Urban/Community Development

Energy Management, 

Commissioning Management,

Dust Monitoring, 

Air Quality Assessment, 

Noise Monitoring

We also provide the following specialized services:

Solar Shading Analysis: To analyse the effect of solar shading across various months on exterior spaces, like public areas, walkways, priority spaces, through development tools: Ecotect, IES VE or equivalent.

Thermal Comfort Assessment:  This includes micro climatic analysis for development, considering the local climatic & wind conditions, including the study of City Ventilation, and Air Quality Assessment to optimize the outdoor comfort. Recommendations, as value additions, for the same can be given through Tool: IES VE, CFD