Commissioning Services

Commissioning Services

Under Air Quality Services, we provide : 

Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality 

Emssion Testing 

Air Quality Monitoring (AEROMOD)

Air Quality Management Studies


Under Environement Management Service, we provide : 

Enivronmental Compliance and Permitting 

Design, Supervision and Commissioning of Air Pollution Control Systems

Emission Inventory and Hazardous Air Pollutants Survey

Air Pollution Health Effects and Epidemiological Studies


Under Thermal Imaging, we provide :

Thermal Imaging for building Envelope such as villa, commercial building, residential building and warehouses.


We also conduct Water Ingress Tests, which is a comprehensive methodology for evaluating water leakages through walls. 

We also provide all Heating, Ventilitation and Cooling (HVAC) commissioning services.